Where to Travel in June

By , June 6th, 2017

The last few days of school are just around the corner and Moms and Dads across the country can feel the bubbling surplus of free time ready to release itself from the floodgates. “Are we going away this summer?” Yes, you are!

With the help of trivago’s hotel data, we’ve picked out three destinations each in a different corner of North America. Further, with the strength of the U.S. Dollar, Americans looking to venture into Canada this June will be greeted with an extra 36% savings on the dollar (per the exchange rate at the time of publication).


Your Key West Getaway

Weather Forecast: High 88°F ~ Low 79°F  

For one of the surest guarantees of good weather in the U.S., the outlook for Key West this June is in one word: sunny. Do as the locals do and get the keys to a scooter or bike to slow travel your way through Key West.

Watch out for hotel prices rising from June 7 – 12 while Key West gets painted with the colors of the rainbow for Pride. But heck, when the party is this good, you ought to join right in!

The early bird gets the worm…


Looking for a steal while in Key West? Room prices find themselves 17% below the monthly between June 4th and 8th — the cheapest week all month.

What to do in Key West in June?

Some come to do the Duval Crawl (a 43 cocktail-long bar hop) around the southernmost city of the continental U.S. Some come to get in touch with nature with a trip out to Dry Tortugas National Park or getting out onto the water with their paddleboard. We asked our friends at the Florida Keys & Key West for their help in pointing us to their favorite events to make a June visit all the better…

Pitching In to Save the Reefs

[caption id="attachment_49117" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Florida Keys coral reef Photo by CC BY[/caption]

June 2-4. With a mission to reverse the endangerment of reef building corals in the Keys, participants first get trained by the folks of the Coral Restoration Foundation on how to care for coral nurseries and other regenerative activities. Then on Saturday things get hands-on where individuals can help the CRF team with their restorative efforts down below.

“An explosion of color as the sun goes down, underwater visibility rising to near clarity, fragrant frangipani wafting on a cool evening breeze and a more relaxed vibe is what awaits you during the month of June in Key West”

— Stacey Mitchell, director of sales for the Florida Keys & Key West

Strum your worries away

[caption id="attachment_49112" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Florida Keys acoustic guitar closeup Photo by Vladimir Agafonkin CC BY[/caption]

June 2-4. This year’s Florida Keys Guitar Festival hosts a Guitar Summit with the likes of David Feder working contemporary chords, Mateo on classical tunes and Rolando Rojas bringing some Latin flare. Three days of concerts showcase these three masters’ skills solo, in duos and trios.

But if you’re still feeling the Duval Crawl…

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How Much to Budget

Once you’ve made it to the Florida Keys plan to set aside roughly $812 over 48 hours for two in Key West.

Key Lime Martini: $7

icon airplane

Most folks fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale International and then drive down the must-do Overseas Highway

icon hotel

One night in a 3-star Hotel  – June: $266

icon news ticket

Dry Tortugas National Park – Seven-day Pass: $10

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Your Whistler Getaway

Weather Forecast: High 24°C ~ Low 8°C

Though it’s been seven years (already!) since Whistler largely hosted the Winter Olympics, there is still tons to celebrate in North America’s largest ski destination. If you’ve tried all of Whistler-Blackcomb’s pow, it’s about time you rediscover this West Coast destination by summer, like paddling down the River of Golden Dreams.

What’s more? Hotel prices plummet in warmer seasons, delivering five- and four-star stays at two-star prices. See our top picks below…

What to do in Whistler in June?

Once the white stuff melts away, don’t think that everyone flees down the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Au contraire! Vancouverites and visitors alike make the most of Whistler’s terrain with activities ranging from rock climbing to hiking and not to forget, world-class mountain biking! Two events this June promise to show you Whistler in a whole new light.

Experience Canada’s Toughest Mudder

[caption id="attachment_49116" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Whistler Tough Mudder obstacle course Photo by thecollectivity CC BY[/caption]

June 17-18. So you’ve heard of Tough Mudder, the insane, mud-trodden military obstacle course. This June, Whistler also hosts the Toughest Mudder with two different eight-kilometer circuits that push daring participants from 12 midnight to 8 a.m. Cheer on these certified badasses, and who knows… the adrenaline in the air may just convince you to join the 2018 edition!

Watch out! Prices for hotel rooms in Whistler over the Tough Mudder weekend are 71% over the monthly average.

Get out on the trails for ThinkBike

[caption id="attachment_49113" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Whistler Mountain biking feature jump Photo by Camp of Champions CC BY[/caption]

May 31 – June 4. Mountain bike aficionados have already marked ThinkBike into their June calendars. For amateurs as well, the weekend-long event showcases not only Whistler’s world-class trails but also pairs riders with the newest hardware from bike and gear manufacturers.

Can’t wait till Whistler this summer?

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How Much to Budget

Once you’ve made it up the Sea to Sky Highway plan to set aside roughly C$1256 over 48 hours for two in Whistler.

Whistler Brewing Co.’s Lost Lake IPA: C$8

icon airplane

Pacific Coach – YVR to Whistler Village roundtrip ticket: C$100

icon hotel

One night in a 3-star Hotel  – June: C$333

icon news ticket

Whistler Downhill Mountain Bike Rental – Full Day: C$145

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Your Mont-Tremblant Getaway

Weather Forecast: High 27°C ~ Low 9°C

Similar to ski hills across the country, Mont-Tremblant, the pocket sized alpine village of the Laurentian Mountains, is open as well for summertime fun. Pair your June trip to Montreal with a green escape to the North to see what lies below Tremblant’s powder.

What to do in Mont-Tremblant in June?

Stuffed with summer activities, try your hand (or rather feet) at some of the hiking trails, mountain biking routes and horseback riding trails snaking around Mont-Tremblant. When not testing your skills at falconry or making at splash at Aquaclub La Source, the Village’s restaurants throw together a mean summer menu and a well-earned gelato for the end of the day.

Stretch out with Lolë

[caption id="attachment_49115" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]yoga mats close up Photo by Alan Levine CC BY[/caption]

June 10. Löle takes their White Tour on the Road again this year with a stop in the Mont-Tremblant Beach Club and Tennis Club. Wear your finest whites for the day where you will be joined by hundreds of other yogis and guided through an hour and a half of yoga for world peace. Participants receive a yoga mat, goodie bag and Lolë gift card with their entry ticket.

Take to some big kid Shinny

[caption id="attachment_49114" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Whistler ball hockey street hockey stick Photo by Ryan Tir CC BY[/caption]

June 2 -4. Just because the ice has melted away, doesn’t mean that hockey is not top of mind. The Burrows Cup comes to Tremblant with 13 different categories of ball hockey and $30,000 on the line. Organizers promise “the fastest paced hockey out there” that comes without having to move the nets for the odd car, thankfully.


How Much to Budget

Once you’ve made it to the Village plan to set aside roughly C$917 over 48 hours for two in Mont-Tremblant.

David’s TEA Passion Punch Iced Tea: C$4

icon airplane

Shuttle Buses from YUL only run for ski season. Seek our a rental car from the Airport Terminal in Montreal.

icon hotel

One night in a 3-star Hotel  – June: C$181

icon news ticket

Dune Buggy Rental: C$147

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