Our Hometowns: A local's guide to Denver, Colorado

Discover the best and most local spots to eat, drink and stay in Colorado's capital.

Did you know that in trivago we have people from over 90 countries? Yes, and we want to take advantage of this multiculturalism not only to provide the best accommodation options for you, but also to share some valuable and exclusive destination information that you’ll not find easily anywhere else. 

In our Hometowns series, we already talked about places like the Ruhr Valley (home of our CEO!) and the charming city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Now, it’s time to discover more about one of the fastest growing cities in US, known for its cultural scene and beautiful Mountain landscape: Denver, the capital of Colorado.

Hailey Wolcott

A Data Analyst here at trivago, Hailey has much to say about her home town of Denver, Colorado. "Denver has amazing people who are extremely active and have a great work hard play harder mentality. The food, the music, the scenery - I could go on and on - are all fantastic!" she says.

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Here are few more restaurants that are definitely worth to try in Denver.

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The tips about Denver don’t stop there!

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While in Denver, don`t miss these great spots as well:

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There are many more hidden gems in Denver that you need to discover.


As a great place to stay, I would suggest the Ramble Hotel in RiNo. This neighborhood is my favorite, and the Ramble Hotel is right in the middle of it all. You have an amazing cocktail bar (Death and Co.) and an amazing Restaurant (Super Mega Bien) in the property. It’s a boutique hotel experience and the decor is spectacular. Across the street are some other Denver staple food scenes (including Denver Central Market, Work and Class, and Los Chingones). Also RiNo is where a lot of the Breweries are, so you’ll be able to taste many local Colorado Beers