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Mexican Hot Spring Hotels to Blow Off Some Steam

By , February 28th, 2017

The naturally-warmed waters that flow from the Earth are full of holistic benefits that will help to purify and relax your body. Sure you may know Truth or Consequences and Saratoga Springs stateside, but how about these extra caliente natural springs south of the border? With the help of trivago magazine Mexico, we present five Mexican hot spring hotels with thermal pools, spas and heavenly gardens to unplug and reboot.

Zenti´k Project

Valladolid, Yucatán

Zenti'k Project Mexico Thermal Water

Reach a state of serenity. Photo courtesy of Zenti´k Project

As a “Pueblo Magico” (Mexico Tourism Department-certified Magical Town), Valladolid’s enchants both on the surface and from deep below. Situated in the center of town, Zenti´k Project is a hotel with an artistic edge that keeps its best secrets underground: a cave with thermal waters that promises a Zen-inducing escape. The water that flows naturally through the cave hovers around a toasty 95°F offering a gamut of therapeutic benefits to bathers around the clock.

Zenti´k Project overwater bungalow

The dreamy bungalow at Zenti’k. Photo by Luis Jorge Arnaud, courtesy of Zenti´k Project

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Back in your Mayan-style bungalow, choose to recover in your room’s bed or swaying in the hammock. After a session in the thermal waters, re-energize with dishes and drinks made from organic produce on offer at the hotel’s restaurant. Then stretch it all out with a yoga session lead by one of Zenti´k Project’s instructors.

Zenti´k also serves as a creative and artistic space that gathers the work from painters, sculptors and photographers on the walls of its gallery. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of nature’s own beauty too with diving and snorkel classes that the hotel can organize for you at the nearby beaches. As for our preferred way to slow travel through the picturesque town of Valladolid? That would be by bicycle rental!

trivago Planning tip: Zenti´k and magical Valladolid are an easy addition to any Yucatan adventure, as a midpoint between Mérida and Cancún.

Termas de San Joaquín

Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

Termas de San Joaquín Mexico underground pools

Inviting pools beckon weary travelers. Photo courtesy of Termas de San Joaquín.

No, it’s not a mirage! The community of La Azufrosa is indeed home to the Termas de San Joaquín, an oasis in the middle of an arid area with some of the most unique pools in the country, not all that different from ancient Roman baths. The arches impose a one-of-a-kind ambiance and contain the pleasant mist that is known to reduce stress and remove bodily toxins.

The five pools under the dome each have their own temperature so you can get used to the heat without any burningly drastic changes. The pools are all but three feet deep for easy entry and exit. To make the most of your thermal bath experience, the therapists at San Joaquín recommend to take breaks every five minutes and hydrate regularly. After that, keep up the pampering with a trip to the spa with its own series of treatments incorporating homemade masks, creams and tonics.

Termas San Joaquin Mexico exterior

A modern exterior at Termas San Joaquin. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

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The rooms thematically look to the Wild West but are sure to include all of the amenities sought by modern-day desert travelers. Spacious accommodations are suitable for families or larger groups. The hotel’s Flor de la Pitaya offers big-on-flavor traditional dishes from sunrise to sunset. To unwind further, don’t miss the Pancho Villa bar. Who knows, you may just find yourself on stage for karaoke night. More of the type to watch the stars and constellations? The Termas de San Joaquín can organize romantic evenings with a guide who can help point out your favorite stars and planets.

trivago Planning tip: A trip to the San Joaquín is the perfect addition to that business trip to Monterrey or before taking in the sights in Saltillo.

Agua Blanca

Jungapeo, Michoacán

Agua Blanca Canyon Resort outdoor thermal pool

Come alive with the healing waters and year-round sun. Photos courtesy of Agua Blanca Canyon Resort

Agua Blanca Canyon Resort is a refuge for those seeking to leave the crowded concrete jungles of North America behind. This is an eco-hotel that will connect you once again with Mother Nature. The crown jewel of Agua Blanca is undoubtedly the hot springs which are full of mineral waters that flow naturally at an ambient 90°F. Best of all, you can enjoy your soak in the open-air pools and jacuzzis.

In ancient times, the leaders of the Purepecha Empire were known to use the baths in this very area to relax and make use of its natural benefits. Nowadays, the experts of the Agua Blanca’s spa follow the same ancient beauty treatments tying in herbal compresses and massages with bamboo. The rooms are decked in a traditional design typical of Michoacán and offer maximum comfort.

Agua Blanca Canyon Resort exterior view mountain

A traditional slice of Mexico. Photo courtesy of Agua Blanca Canyon Resort.

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Near the Agua Blanca is the striking waterfall Velo de Novia where you can add some thrill to your time in Jungapeo with a run down their zip line or by exploring the caves nearby. The hotel organizes tailored activities like mud baths, visits to their organic farm or a temazcal session (in a Mesoamerican sweat lodge). Make a point of visiting the Monarch butterflies which flutter through the sanctuaries near to the Agua Blanca.

trivago Planning tip: The Agua Blanca is easiest to reach from Mexico City, which is about an hour and a half away by car.

Hacienda Taboada

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Hacienda Taboada Mexico exterior pools

Shaded pools offer a private respite. Photo taken from trivago.

The surroundings of San Miguel de Allende are rich in thermal pools and are home to Hacienda Taboada, a property with abundant vegetation and hot springs. Their Olympic-sized swimming pool is not only noteworthy for its size but also for its high levels of sodium bicarbonate, known for its anti-aging qualities.

The hotel’s villas finished in white ceilings and covered in bougainvillea bring a bit of the Mediterranean to Mexico. All the rooms have their own terrace and outdoor jacuzzis for two using water directly from the mineral springs. The ranch’s weekend buffets are alone enough to schedule your trip to include a Saturday or Sunday.

Hacienda Taboada landscaped grounds

Lush swathes of green and the smell of exotic flora. Photo taken from trivago.

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Take in the ranch’s greenery with a walk among the trees and stopping for a smell of the exotic flowers growing around the property. For the active set, tennis courts and ping pong tables stand at the ready – as well as billiards for those who want to take it easy. For some high speed fun, the Hacienda Taboada’s resident horses are at your disposal for a trot about.

trivago Planning Tip: This Guanajuato Hacienda is well located for an overnight stay from León or Guanajuatoa and for visitors coming from Querétaro to the east.

Cosalá Grand

Chapala, Jalisco

Cosalá Grand Mexico Thermal Pools

Three pools brim with thermal waters in the sun. Photo taken from trivago.

Very close to the lake Lago Chapala, Cosalá Grand has everything that you would be looking for when you need a break from the city. Gardens and three pools with thermal waters await you, each with gradual temperature increases to ease you from 90°F to 100°F. Oxygen-charged waters and its high-temp heat will soothe you from the first dip of your pinky toe into Cosalá Grand’s pools.

Those looking for a full break will love the rooms which each have their own patio, private jacuzzi, and all of the amenities to give you that “su casa” feeling. Parents with kids in tow can opt for a one- or two-bedroom villa which include a full kitchen, dining room and living room.

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The hotel’s Games Room is equipped with ping pong, air hockey and foosball tables, sure to be a regular hangout for the kids. Grab a plate of the day’s catch along the Malecón de Chapala while a trip to the charming town of Ajijic offers souvenirs and artwork to take home.

trivago Planning tip: Cosalá Grand, positioned where the Sierra de San Juan Cosala meets Lago Chapala, is due south of Guadalajara and to the north of Colima.

Isn’t it about time you gave your mind and body a break? Which Mexican hotel hot spring do you see yourself sliding into?