Take on the Cold or Find Your Beach

Winter Vacation Ideas

Embrace the Season with These Winter Vacation Ideas

“Winter is coming” has become such a dreaded phrase–and not just because of that little show on HBO. The White Walkers may be a thing of fiction, but the pain hinted at by “winter is com...

ing” is real. The slushy streets, the painfully short days, and a bitterly cold wind that pierces your skin and freezes your bones.

Once you accept the reality that, despite our feigned surprise, winter is here again, you can hibernate into a hole of misery for four months or you can make the most of it. You can embrace the snow with a ski resort getaway, a stay at an ice hotel, go ice skating at the city rink, or cozy up with someone you love at a quaint B&B with in-room fireplaces. When you get right down to it, winter can actually be a wonderfully romantic time of year if you open yourself up to the possibility.

Escape The Cold

That said, we’re still realists. We know everyone needs a break from the cold, even rural North Dakotans with skin as thick as a cowhide. That’s why we haven’t ruled out a sunny escape to Florida or south of the border when putting together some of our favorite winter vacation ideas. After all, winter also happens to be the perfect time to ditch the kids and check-in to an all-inclusive, adults-only resort. Then again, if you don’t want to bring the kids, we have some winter family vacations for you to consider as well.

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