Where You Should Go This Year: Your 2015 Travel Horoscope

By , January 8th, 2015

Where will your travel dreams take you this year? With so many options, we’ve compiled a list suited to every different astrological sign to nudge you in the right direction. Whether you’re just looking for some inspiration or actually looking to book a trip, your 2015 travel horoscope will certainly get your travel senses tingling!


2015 travel horoscope Aries

The fountains of Vegas beckon the risk-taking Aries. Photo by userid_unavailable CC BY

Mars-ruled Aries loves keeping busy (yes, even on vacation!) and taking risks. For 2015, consider travelling to Las Vegas where you’ll enjoy the thrill of gambling or partying up a storm in the clubs. You’re a social sign, so pick a hotel that has a happening pool area, like The Cosmopolitan. Looking to take to international waters? Book that big trip to Australia! Rent a car and do a cross-country road trip and enjoy the freedom of not being tied down to a schedule. Plus, you’ll be able to stop and indulge in plenty of hair raising activities that will keep you from getting bored like skydiving, bungee jumping or swimming with sharks.

2015 Travel Horoscope Aries

Aries: Escape to the outback. Photo by Samuel Collins CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Taurus

Taurus: indulge yourself in Aspen. Photo by Zach Dischner CC BY

Taurus’ are the ultimate foodies and have voracious appetites for luxury and beauty. In 2015, visit Aspen to relax and unwind your tired, hardworking bones. You’ll be delighted with a stay the Little Nell with its sweeping views of the great outdoors, guest room fireplaces, tantalizing on site dinning and impeccable service. Luxury hotels are your mainstay — you’re more apt to enjoy a picnic on a goose down duvet than a blanket outdoors!  If you’re gathering passport stamps, head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where you’ll revel in the assortment of food available from vendors alongside some of the most incredible beaches in the entire world.The beautiful people and world class shopping will be the icing on your bolo (traditional Brazilian cake).

2015 travel horoscope Taurus

The ultimate Taurus Adventure in Rio. Photo by Felipe Neves CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Gemini

Geminis will love Philly. Photo by James Losey CC BY

Geminis thrive on stimulation and burning energy. An ideal vacation spot for 2015 would be the bustling, fashionable and historic city of Philadelphia. You’ll be able to cram in all your heart’s desires for a invigorating cultural atmosphere. It’s always a good idea for Gemini’s to immerse themselves in authentic local flavors, whether they be food, local dive bars or riding the proletariat chariot (a.k.a public transportation). Looking to take to the overseas skies? Visit Colombia where you’ll be able to partake in a lot of interaction with locals, get into the awesome nightlife, or relax beachside — enough to keep all your Gemini senses tingling!

2015 travel horoscope Gemini

Geminis will love Philly. Photo by James Losey CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Cancer

Cancer will be happy in Cape Cod. Photo by Eric Wehmeyer CC BY

Cancer the crab is happiest near water. Cherishing both privacy and romance, a family vacation to Cape Cod is right up your alley. Stay at a cozy, intimate inn like Honeysuckle Hill Inn, where you’ll be able to enjoy your privacy in a homey and intimate atmosphere. A short weekend away will be the perfect escape for the homebody Cancer. If you’re looking to indulge in more than a weekend getaway, why not fly out to Bali? The serenity of this stunning country as well as the abundance of water and spas will replenish your quiet soul with a feeling of peace. You’ll leave feeling recharged and refreshed!

2015 travel horoscope Cancer

Cancer should make the trip to Bali this year. Photo by Jorge Sanmartín Maïssa CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Leo

Leos will love Charming Charleston. Photo by alex de carvalho CC BY

Leo’s love everything covered in gold, memorable and unique — so no boring tour groups for you! Head to Savannah for a weekend packed with historical houses, adorable shops, incredible dinning and lots to do in the evenings. Pamper yourself at the historic The Gastonian, built in 1868 and consistently voted one of the best places to stay in the world! How’s that for luxury little Leo? If you’re looking to use up your frequent flyer miles, head to Turkey where you’ll be able to relax, take in the local air and partake in centuries old traditions. Plus their opulent decorating style is sure to please luxury Leo!

Leo travel horoscope 2015

Leos love to see Gold everywhere. Photo by Adam Nowek CC BY


Virgo travel horoscope 2015

Virgos find bliss in Hawaii. Photo by The Q Speaks CC BY

Naturally, the best researcher/organizer of the zodiac would be in store for a fabulous vacation. Virgos work super hard but you’ll still need to meld your strong desire to learn with a chance to stretch your legs. Why not Hawaii? The tropical island offers spectacular opportunities to hike and swim, or just laze by the pool. Create a plan in advance for each day so that you can relax fully when you are scheduled to since you’ll revel in knowing you’re still getting everything done. For a global outlook, visit Stockholm. The neat city offers enough sights and sounds to keep your intellect buzzing, but be sure to take a relaxed cruise among the archipelagos to help you unwind.

2015 travel horoscope Virgo

Virgos will love tidy Stockholm. Photo by Ulf Bodin CC BY 


2015 travel horoscope Libra

Libras will love the bustling Napa Valley. Photo by Derek Key CC BY

Libras are social butterflies, so naturally your vacation needs a social component. Lovers of  beauty should visit the stunning Napa Valley. Touring the beautiful bounty of wineries and sampling their delicious wares is the perfect way for you to unwind — with ten of your closest friends of course!  As someone who adores all things five-star, stay at the Solage Calistoga, the perfect mix between cosmopolitan and scenic. Libras also love to people watch among the beautiful so where better than in Turks and Caicos? The beach playground for the famous, rich and beautiful is exactly where a Libra should be found!

Libra travel horoscope 2015

Unwind in Turks and Caicos dear Libra. Photo by Tobias Lindman CC BY


scorpio travel horoscope 2015

The dark romance of New Orleans is perfect for Scorpios. Photo by Linh Nguyen CC BY

Scorpios have strong tendencies towards the mysterious, dark corners of cities making New Orleans the perfect spot for you to visit in 2015. Everything from the spicy cajun cuisine, to the mythical vampires from the Anne Rice novels screams Scorpio. You enjoy your privacy and prefer to focus your energies inward making it essential to pick a perfectly sexy hotel for your trip. Why not the Renaissance Pere Marquette,steps away from the sultry downtown hub of Canal Street? Argentina is also whispering Scorpio’s name for 2015. Whether you decide to tango in Buenos Aires, embark on a Patagonian hike or take off for a Gaucho adventure, you’ll be able to drop out of civilization for any amount of time you want — perfect for a Scorpio.

2015 travel horoscope Scorpio

Scorpios will love the flavor of Argentina. Photo by Beto Grangeia CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Sagittarius

Fall in love with Asheville. Photo by anoldent CC BY

A true Sagittarius loves travel more than any other sign! You long for exotic locales and adventure, favoring activities that get your heart racing and big skies. In 2015 head to Asheville, NC. The panoramic vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains make the loveliest backdrop for stargazing, hiking or enjoying a craft beer. Getting you moving and constantly stimulated by thrills and beautiful sights is the best way for you to relax. Looking to push yourself a bit more over the edge? Head to the ultimate adventure wonderland of New Zealand, the last frontier of adventure travel where your Sag heart will happily soar, paragliding over mountains!

2015 travel horoscope Sagittarius

Explore New Zealand in 2015. Photo by Trey Ratcliff CC BY


Capricorn travel horoscope 2015

A historical hub perfect for Capricorn. Photo by Yuefeng D CC BY

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, giving you a fierce appreciation for all things historic. Make Boston a 2015 destinations and up the ante even further by staying at the longest continuously operating hotel in the country, the Omni Parker House. Opened in 1855, your intellectual heart will delight in staying on the old stomping grounds of Charles Dickens, Ho Chi Minh, JKF, and Malcom X. If you’re looking to get a tan alongside that slice of history, travel to Mexico to see the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza or a city like Tulum.

2015 travel horoscope Capricorn

Unwind in Tulum. Photo by Dennis Jarvis CC BY


2015 travel horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius can keep it fresh and quirky in Portland. Photo by Ian Sane CC BY

An Aquarius will want to plan, but plan loosely! You want maximum flexibility as well as an opportunity to meet new people and socialize. In 2015, head to the uber cool Portland, Oregon. Don’t plan to do anything too touristy or obvious — hard to do in a city like Portland! You’ll want to stay somewhere funky and unique, making the Ace Hotel your ideal home base for exploring the city and the Oregon countryside. Is staying state-side not exciting enough for you? Visit Holland! This tiny gem of a country is packed full of incredible canals, food, art galleries and museums all within a short drive (or bike) of each other. Seems like it was made for the slightly attention deficient Aquarius!

Aquarius travel horoscope 2015

Plenty to see and do in Amsterdam for Aquarius. Photo by Piero Fissore CC BY


2015 pisces travel horoscope

A bike ride in Nantucket for the Pisces soul. Photo by matthew chamberlain CC BY

Sensitive and sweet, Pisces are incurable romantics so if you can travel with your lover or close friends, do so! Pisces love to feel liberated waterside thanks to their ruler Neptune. Escape to Nantucket Island in 2015 to enjoy an easy, breezy, beach holiday in this artsy seaside town. Be sure to wander the little galleries and cafes. Want to take to international waters this year? Splurge and head to Tahiti. As the most spiritual of all the signs, you’ll appreciate the serenity, quiet pace of life and meditative atmosphere that is inescapable in this little slice of paradise.

pisces travel horoscope 2015

A peaceful evening for Pisces in Tahiti. Photo by Duncan Rawlinson CC BY

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