Sunny Days

Summer Vacations

Best Summer Vacation Ideas


If you’re just counting the days until you can get on the road and take a summer trip, you’ve come to the right place. No matter if you want to enjoy the heat staying at a beachfront hotel or wake up and cool off in a beautiful lake, we’ve got you covered with plenty of suggestions for vacation spots in the US made for memorable summer experiences. You won’t even need to take a too many days off or travel too far from home, we promise: from Southern California to the Gulf of Mexico Coast or the East Coast, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities to enjoy a sunny weekend getaway. If you’d rather do exactly the opposite and escape from the heat, there’s also no shortage of chilly destinations to choose from.

Best Summer Vacations in US for Families

The mix of a great setup with activities for all ages makes resorts a very comfortable and fun choice for family holidays during the summer. From Florida to Hawaii, there are plenty of excellent options to enjoy days off with the kids. If your fam loves to spend the holidays on water slides (who doesn’t), there are action-packed water parks to explore as well. Pack the sunscreen, swim suits and sunglasses and choose your favorite one!

Best Summer Vacations for Couples

Cold winter weather is great for romantic and cozy getaways, but summer is also a great time to travel with your partner and top up your levels of vitamin D. For those that are looking for a little more privacy, adult-only resorts are great options to enjoy a relaxing respite. If you want even more exclusivity, why not stay in a hotel with a private pool just for you and your love?

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